Liquisilk : A bond that lasts

Liquisilk adhesive was developed in Canada in 1937. HD Office Supplies became the third owner of the company in 2014.

Liquisilk‘s unique power over other adhesives is in its ability to dry without shrinking. This makes it perfect adhesive for paper, cardboard, ceramics, glass, fabric, leather, wood, Styrofoam TM, and most plastics.

Here are 9 reasons to add Liquisilk to your office and household supplies:

  1. strong bond
  2. dries clear–won’t yellow
  3. does not shrink when drying
  4. does not pucker paper or fabric
  5. does not “eat” styrofoam
  6. remains flexible
  7. waterproof when dry
  8. does not stick to your hands !
  9. has infinite shelf life


  • home and office
  • models
  • workshops
  • furniture restoration
  • bookbinding
  • applique and beading
  • doll making
  • faux stained glass
  • leather repair

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